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            Yu-City is dedicated to creating something


            Yu-City is dedicated to creating something functional, aesthetic and sustainable. Our mission is to bring the beauty of textile into the world.

            One of our greatest advantage is we are always identifying and evolving with industry trends to ensure our clients are in great pleasure with our functional textile and able to stand out from the competition. Our RD team and designers would be happy to provide professional advices whenever you need it.

            Ready to share your inspiration? Well, you' ve come to the right place!

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            Core Values

            Advisory support Advisory support

            Advisory support

            We are more like a doctor who helps clients diagnosis the problems and provide professional advices. We are happy to spend some time discussing your needs and guide you through the whole process step by step. We make sure your projects are going slowly but surely.

            Full services Full services

            Full services

            We share the latest industrial trends with our clients. We are capable of product marketing, story telling and business researching. Being a supplier is not our goal. What we are looking for is to be a part of your team. This is more than one-stop service, we cover all.

            Craftsman's spirit Craftsman's spirit

            Craftsman's spirit

            More than 35 years experience in business means a lot. Yu-City designers who are perfectionists and always care about details. The fabrics we designed are unique and difficult for your competitors to copy. Those designer collections are both aesthetic and functional, one of a kind.

            Environmental Environmental Environmental
            Yu-city is serious about Environmental protection issue in recent years. To face on the impact of global warming on environment, we insistently continue to promote eco-friendly yarn, green manufacturing and green supply chain. At the same time, we also actively push for the concept of eco-friendly office, passed OEKO-TEX? , GRS and other international certifications, and implement the commitment to conserve energy to reduce carbon emission.
            Social Social Social
            Yu-city expected to make a contribution to society by participating various types of charitable activities and donating to underprivileged groups.
            Governance Governance Governance
            Yu-city value employee benefit, and hold activities such as Christmas exchanged gift and birthday parties, hoping that employees can work happily and grow together with the company.


            Global Recycled
            Global Recycled
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